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A web app from Forevermark that lets you draw, swipe and paint your way to crafting the perfect engagement ring.

Design your own

The digital team at Forevermark, a diamond brand from De Beers, wanted their users to engage with the brand by designing their own unique jewellery. We wanted to create an immersive experience that allowed users to put themselves in shoes of a jewellery designer. Users followed a series of steps where they could draw, colour, twist and drag their way to a finished design. Once complete they could take their finished designs to jewellers or share it with friends and partners.

  • Client

    De Beers / Forevermark

  • Role

    UX · Design · Front-end

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Gesture driven

A large proportion of Forevermark’s customers use tablets to browse online content. We helped target this group by creating an experience that used fun gestures, such as drawing and painting. Try one of the tools below.

  • Pencil

  • Marker

  • Paint

Step by step

The user interface is discreet and allows the canvas to take centre stage. As the user progresses their steps are documented, building up a detailed description of their design.

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